Drupal 5.x to Drupal 6.x upgrade

Note: this was written before the upgrade of my Drupal Scripts Library to use Drush rather than CVS (or Git).  See my post on this subject.

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web log stats/analysis on DreamHost

I looked into web log reporting on DreamHost the other day.  DreamHost provides web log stats system called 'Analog'.  It's a) not the nicest system out there (I think it's cruder looking that Webalizer) and b) it is only accessible via the url 'domain/stats'.  Because of this, it requires munging (drupal specific) of a site's .htaccess file (if it exists) or creating on (if

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bash filename completion for Drupal Script Library

I just wrote a small script called 'bash_completion' that facilitates bash filename completion.  It works with the Drupal Scripts Library to allow library scripts to use filename completion over installed sites.

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Sharing .bashrc/.bash_profile/.bash_logout and bin dirs with slave users -- DreamHost best practices

As previously mentioned I have a custom .bashrc/.bash_profile setup for my DreamHost accounts.  Also, because of my '_user / _web user strategy', I have multiple users that all need to have the same bash environment. 

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Dreamhost .bashrc/.bash_profile/.bash_logout

Like everyone else in the universe, I have my own preferred bash setup. Discussed here is the setup I use with DreamHost.

UPDATE: See 1st comment below.

I'll start with the .bash_profile file as it simply references the .bashrc file:

# ~/.bash_profile: executed by bash(1) for login shells.

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
        . ~/.bashrc

(I've always done it this way -- never having a different config for login/non-login shells.  YMMV.)

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Cool article on history of Drupal

Talks about Drupal's use w/in the 'lefty' political movement from the Dean-for-president campaign.  Discusses about the origins of CiviCRM.


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Mailing Lists

At some point, I'd like to investigate setting up a full-bore web-fronted mailing list.  Initially with the bikegeeks list, we discussed fronting the mailman list with a site so that users could sign up for the mailing list directly on the website.  This (I guess) could be done with the 'Mailman Register' and 'User Mailman Register' modules (see refs #1 and #2) below.  This would remove the necessity of sending the users off the site to sign up for the list and remove the necessity to interact with the primitive-looking mailman interface.

Drupal installation guidlines -- Drupal best practices

As a follow up to my posting about the my Drupal script library, I thought I'd write a bit about the installation techniques I've been using for Drupal installs.

As described in the script README file (and practiced by the script), I create and maintain a particular installation system w/ all my Drupal site installations.

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Configuring Mailman Mailing Lists

Here's  a list of things I regularly change when I set up a new mailman list: (Remember to submit changes between screens!)

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Drupal Script Library

I have created a nifty set of scripts for managing collections of Drupal installations.  I find them indispensable for maintaining a large stable of Drupal sites. The scripts allow for automated install and patching of Drupal installations as well as a host of other administrative tasks.  They enforce and leverage my best practices for Drupal deployments.  They extend Drush to make things easier (at least for me).

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