Mailing Lists

At some point, I'd like to investigate setting up a full-bore web-fronted mailing list.  Initially with the bikegeeks list, we discussed fronting the mailman list with a site so that users could sign up for the mailing list directly on the website.  This (I guess) could be done with the 'Mailman Register' and 'User Mailman Register' modules (see refs #1 and #2) below.  This would remove the necessity of sending the users off the site to sign up for the list and remove the necessity to interact with the primitive-looking mailman interface.

These modules do require that they stay synchronized with the mailman state.  I.e. users have to use the drupal interface to process any addition/removal requests otherwise they're in an inconsistent state.  This implies that the mailing list must be always used thru the drupal interface and that it cannot have lived before the modules were installed.

Another thing, apparently available with the additional 'mailhandler' and 'listhandler' modules (refs 3 & 4) is the ability to "[replicate] to a great extent the functionality of Yahoo!Groups" (taken from 'Mailman Manager' page).




The Mainman Manager module has one issue that made it unusable for me on the site I did for the Starved Rock Ride:

The module does not allow anonymous users to join a mailing list -- only users logged in to the site (and with the appropriate permission) can join a list.  This is described on this issue against the module:  There is a contributed patch on the discussion thread for that issue; but it has not yet been integrated into the code.  Moreover, it is a patch against a 5.x branch, so unusable for me for the SRR site.  I contemplated trying to port the patch to 6.x, but I don't have the time at this point.

the Starved Rock Ride site has subsequently been removed...