CSS by Page

One thing I've often wished for is the ability to insert user-written CSS into a page or set of pages on a Drupal site.

It would: 

  • allow using a built in theme w/o having to copy it entirely to make desired CSS changes.
  • be a handy way to allow users to tweak their site w/o having to bother the operator (me) to update their theme.

What I envision is something that provides a text area into which CSS can be entered and the standard 'Apply this to all pages EXCEPT those listed below / Only those changes listed below / Where the following PHP evaluates to true' selector. When the condition was met, the CSS would be included. Competing CSS segments could be ordered by an assigned weight.

Update: This looks like it might do the trick: http://drupal.org/project/css_injector But it's only for Drupal 6. Even more reason to start looking at migrating to D6 at some point.

Free Tag:


I of course, have used this fine module many times.  

It's just the thing when you want to tweak a free theme w/o touching the files (so you can update via CVS Git Drush!) 

It's also great (using the CSS-by-role configuration) to show/hide sidebar-areas on free themes if the theme doesn't free up sidebar areas when there's no sidebar.