Using eclipse galileo/ShellEd plugin for writing bash scripts

UPDATE:  ShellEd version 2.0 has a new installation procedure:
I just tried this and it worked fine against Eclipse Helios

I've been having getting my normal editor working (a Winders editor that I run under wine) and thought I'd give eclipse a shot.

I did some searching and ended up installing the ShellEd plugin.  It offers source coloring and context sensitive help popups.  It doesn't create a custom perspective or a project type; but that's fine.  I'd be happer with the solution if eclipse offered text wrapping (!).  Despite that, the system seems to work fairly well.

Getting it running took some time as the eclipse thread on the subject didn't yield up a very helpful solution.  The most recent post (dated 'Sep 16, 2009 4:21 PM') suggested putting the plug-in in the dropins folder; but this didn't work for my galileo installation.  I think the issue had to do w/ missing dependencies.  I originally installed the J2EE standalone version, and for whatever reason, it didn't have the necessary dependencies installed (again: I think).  The ShellEd plug-in doesn't have a current eclipse installation site associated with it; but it DOES have an old one:

I found that in the features/com.something.eclipse.shelled_1.0.4/feature.xml file in the download.  I added that to my eclipse update list and installed it.  That worked.  I then uninstalled shellEd using eclipse (so I could install the newest version).  I was able to get the 1.0.4 version working by following the aforementioned post (putting all the plugin directories into the eclipse 'dropins' directory).

Hope this helps someone.



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Nice, it really helped

OS : Ubuntu 10.10

Eclipse : Aptana Studio, build: Build date: 08 July 2010, 12:01:01
Not sure about what is necesarry or not in the list below, but here is what I remember doing to make it work :

  1. I unzipped into dropins/ {probably not necessary}
  2. added '' to : menu Window->Preferences -> 'Available Software Sites'
  3. clicked on menu Help->Install New Software->{select site/url added in 2. above}
  4. clicked on Uncategorised/ShellEd {version 1.0.0 apparently} and Next Next... Install Finish
  5. restart once (or twice) and it now works...I have syntax highlighting for my bash scripts...
  6. from the above steps, it appears that the version installed (confirmed by com.something.eclipse.shelled_1.0.0/ directory that was created in plugins/) is 1.0.0...I tried to do a Check For Updates, but it returned a negative message (ie, no updates available).

So do I force an upgrade to the latest version ?

get unzip it . and get unzip it.merge them with featrues and plugins folder. mkdir shelled contains featrues and plugins folder.drop shelled to "dropins" folder shu

I'll give this a try

download 1.0.04 first
then put 2.0 version together

great help. However I didn't find how to unstall shellEd, by looking for it I clicked "Check for updates". There it offered 1.0.4 automatically :)

Useful post. thank you.

This helped me: Instructions for Helios also work for Indigo.

Debugger for Bash version 3(Bourne again shell). Plugin for Eclipse. Will only work with shell script editor ShellEd.

This looks *really* cool.  Will give it a try soon.

thanks for the heads up!