Drupal Script Library Presentation

At the CDMUG meeting on Thursday, April 29th, 2010, I gave a presentation on my Drupal Script Library.

The introduction for the event was:

-Todd Gee: will introduce his Drupal Script Library (toddgee.com/drupalScripts) a library of bash shell scripts that provide for the management of collections of Drupal installations. These scripts provide an alternative/extension to the functionality provided by the widely used drush system. Todd will demonstrate the usefulness of his script library and how he uses it to manage the large collections of sites for which he's responsible.

Attached to this node is the slides I showed (and a PDF copy of it as well).  Additionally, I have attached the script I used for the demonstration portion of the presentation.

I will keep an eye out for the video that was recorded of my presentation and create a link here when/if I find it.

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Note that since this presentation was given, the Drupal Script Library has migrated a few times. 

When the presentation was written, Drupal & contributed modules were downloaded via CVS.  Since then, the scripts library has been modified to use Git to do this operation and subsequently modified again to use Drush.