Goodby, hello

Today I renamed the script to was a script I had written to help with the installation and maintenance of the FCKEditor library that is required to make the Drupal fckeditor module work.  It allowed downloading the latest version of the file and looking inside the installed directory for modifications to the original files.

The other day, I needed to install the JQuery UI module for a project I was doing.  Like fckeditor, jquery_ui requires the installation of a library file for it to operate. Rather than write a new script (something like '') I refactored the script, making it more general and capable of doing the installation of external libraries for any number of modules that require them.  The current form just supports two -- fckeditor and jquery_ui; but more will be added as I have need for them.  (Of course, if a reader make mods to the script to support a new module, send it to me for inclusion!)

Hope this helps..

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I have also added ckeditor module support to the script.