Configuring Mailman Mailing Lists

Here's  a list of things I regularly change when I set up a new mailman list: (Remember to submit changes between screens!)

  • General Options / info
    Subscription page HTML information
    Include information on the address (alias) and that only members can send mail to the list, etc.
  • General Options / subject_prefix
    This is the tag that is pre-pended to the subject line of list messages.  Also used for 'from:' address name (e.g. "subject_prefix" <>)
  • General Options / reply_goes_to_list
    Switch to "This List"
  • General Options / welcome_msg
    used on the message that is sent out to new subscribers.
    Send information on the address.
  • General Options / max_message_size
    Generally switch to '0' -- no size limit on messages
  • General Options / admin_member_chunksize
    Set to something large (500?) so that membership can be seen all on one page.
    I have a script which will parse the HTML generated by the 'Membership Management' / 'Membership List' page, converting it to a membership list.  Email me for a copy.
  • Privacy Options / Subscriptions Rules / advertised
    Set as necessary
  • Privacy Options / Subscriptions Rules / obscure_addresses
    Generally set to 'no' (i.e. don't munge from addresses for mail sent to list)
  • Privacy Options / Sender Filters / accept_these_nonmembers
    A list of email addresses that email should be accepted automatically (just as if a member sent it).  This is useful if people post with multiple addresses (other than their subscribed address).
  • Privacy Options / Sender Filters / generic_nonmember_action
    Can set to reject if we don't want to be bothered by admin of non-members posting to list.
  • Privacy Options / Recipient Filters / require_explicit_destination
    Set to 'No' to allow CC/BCC to list.
  • Privacy Options / Recipient Filters / max_num_recipients
    Set to something higher than the default '10' or messages sent to many recipients will fail.

Format for bulk subscription is:
"Full Name" <>

I also create an alias from <list name>@<domain> to <list name>@lists.<domain>

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