web log stats/analysis on DreamHost

I looked into web log reporting on DreamHost the other day.  DreamHost provides web log stats system called 'Analog'.  It's a) not the nicest system out there (I think it's cruder looking that Webalizer) and b) it is only accessible via the url 'domain/stats'.  Because of this, it requires munging (drupal specific) of a site's .htaccess file (if it exists) or creating on (if it does not).  This isn't a huge deal, but becomes a PITA when dealing w/ lots and lots Drupal sites.  Since I do a CVS checkout when installing Drupal, and Drupal installs with its own .htaccess file, I am stuck w/ this single file that always shows up as modified.  I could add it to a .cvsignore, but this is even more screwing around.  Obviously, this isn't ideal.

A bit about Analog and how it works on DreamHost: By default, analog requires a simple-auth username and password.  I guess that by default it uses your DreamHost username (which I never really knew until I looked at that dialog -- I've always logged in using my email addy).  I'm guessing the password is my panel password.  There is no way to bulk-change them (!) so if I want to add a user that isn't my panel user, I have to manually change each one. Crikey!

I'd like to install my own web log analyzer and set up my own single gateway to web log viewing.  There is a tutorial on installing webalizer on DreamHost, but it looks pretty simple.  Looking around, lots have recommend AWStats (hosted on sourceforge here). 

Would like to give it a try someday.  Also would like to have a way to embed these pages on the drupal site generating the stats or have a single control panel page that lists them all. Either way, it'd be neat to proxy the stats pages thru the other page so that they could be controled via the other page's access control.  Maybe convert PhpProxy into a drupal module.

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