Upgrading drupal image module from Drupal-5 to Drupal-6

Another follow-up to my post about upgrading from Drupal-5 to Drupal-6.  This note is about the image module.

If upgrading a Drupal-5 site that utilizes the image module, and you follow my directions explicitly, you'll get an error when trying to update the image module.

Call to undefined function image_get_sizes()

See more about this issue here (there are several other duplicate issues linked from that one).

The solution is to upgrade the Drupal-5 site's image module to tag DRUPAL-5--2 before attempting upgrade to Drupal-6.  This can be done with the command:

$ drupalCVSDeploy.sh -versiontag DRUPAL-5--2 update module image {site name}

After this, you need to update the site as normal:

$ drupalSetAccessCheck.sh false {site name}
hit http://{site name}/update.php
$ drupalSetAccessCheck.sh true {site name}

Then, you're ready to upgrade to Drupal-6

Free Tag:


Note, the drupalCVSDeploy.sh script mentioned in this post has been renamed to drupalGitDeploy.sh.  Read more in my post on converting the Drupal Script Library to use Git.

Take heed of these changes before following these instructions.

Note: The drupalGitDeploy.sh script mentioned in the previous comment has been renamed to drupalDeploy.sh.  See the post on the conversion of the Drupal Script Library to use Drush.