Upgrading CCK from Drupal-5 to Drupal-6

Yet another follow-up post to my post re upgrading from Drupal-5 to Drupal-6. This is a note about upgrading the CCK module.  The module page has a very through discussion on need to update the CCK module before other modules. The easiest way to do this is to

  1. rename the modules directory to something else before hitting the drupal updater the first time. This will update the core.
  2. After this, create a new modules and modules/contrib directory and move just the cck directory into this new contrib directory. Activate the CCK modules that the site had activated before (CCK will not update if inactive), then hit the update script once again.
  3. After this is complete, move the rest of the contrib modules over, and hit update one last time.

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