Fedora on Inspiron 6000

Quite a while ago, when I bought my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, I knew I wanted to get Linux installed on it.  I am a Fedora guy, and at the time Core 4 was the current distro.

Inspiron 6000Below are a couple of text files I had lying around.  The first one contains the blog post I had always meant to write, but never finished/never posted anywhere.  It's all deprecated; but I wanted to record it here before I tossed it.  The 2nd file is just a list of TODOs that I was maintaining for a while.

FWIW, I still run Linux -- Fedora 9 currently.  (I am egerly awaiting the release of Fedora 11 -- once it's released, I'm going to wipe-and-reinstall.  This is something i haven't done since Fedora Core 6 -- I've always just version jumped.)  I have done away with my Winders XP partition, and instead maintain an install (using the license that came w/ my machine) on a virtual machine.


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