Laptop Names

I just got a new (to me) laptop -- my brother's old hand-me-down Dell Latitude D630.  (He went to the dark side and started using a proprietary operating system.)  I'm currently in the process of wiping off the XP install and installing Fedora 11 (12 doesn't come out for another month).  One of the first steps in any install is to choose a name for the new machine.  (For a fun aside be sure to see the now-crufty RFC1178 :^)

A long time ago, I settled on the naming convention of using Latin (Hispanic) mens' names for my machines.  At this point, I have no idea why I decided this...  As I was coming up w/ the name for my new machine, I thought I'd catalog all the machine names I've used in the past.  This list is presented in reverse chronological order starting w/ the new name for my new machine.

  • cesar
    The aforementioned new machine.
  • fidel
    My current (until cesar is ready) Dell Inspiron 6000.  It's been a good machine; but the wife wants something a bit faster so she'll be getting fidel when I've moved on.
  • paco
    A short-lived Windows VM that I ran for a while on chewie
  • chewie (which should have been 'chuy' which is short for 'Jesús')
    My old Dell Inspiron 7000 -- my first laptop.  This machine is still running (!) as my wife's daily machine, but not for long.  It's getting rather crufty with it's P3 processor & 384M of memory.
    One funny anecdote:  I was watching the classic Up In Smoke with my brother not too long after I had first acquired this machine.  Cheech, whose character's name is 'Pedro', in one scene was calling his uncle and said "Hey Chuy it's Pedro".  I still had both machines at the time.
  • pedro
    My first server-setup machine, my first Linux machine, and first machine I used w/ this naming convention.  Pedro went thru some changes over the years, new motherboard, new case, etc. but the name persevered.

There ya go, as if you cared.

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