supporting anonymous comments

Today, for a site I maintain, I did some work on how anonymous comment posts work.  The goal was to support anonymous commentst that would be published and to send an admin a notification email.  In addition to this, I did some setup so that anon comment posting would work w/ the the 'Filtered HTML' input format even tho 'Full HTML' was the sitewide default to support the use of the FCKEditor.  This was all done w/ contrib modules and configuration.

For the first part, the comment email notification, I thought I'd use the actions/triggers mechanism.  However, the system module email action doesn't currently support comment variables in the email action.  So, I went looking for a new solution.  I installed the Comment Mail module, and it seems to work fine.  (You do have to add 'admin/settings/commentmail.edit-commentmail-mail-*' to your fckeditor global visibility list tho -- comment mail doesn't send out HTML email.)

After this, I noticed that anonymous comment posters were posting with the  'Full HTML' input format.  This is the site default input format to support the FCKEditor the site uses.  To get around this, I installed the Better Formats module which allows finer grained input format management.  I removed the following permissions (from all users): 'show format selection for comments', 'show format selection for nodes', 'show format tips', and 'show more format tips link' (all provided by this module).  I then set, on the 'input formats' -> 'defaults' tab, that anonymous users would use the 'Filtered HTML' format (overridding site default).  Now anonymous users use the proper input format and don't see choice selector.

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