So today I finally got around to installing VirtualBox on my lappy.  I had been using VMWare for many years.  I had bought a license several years ago, upgraded a couple times, and had used VMWare Player after it was made free (as in beer).  Often, however, I found myself having to patch the source for the kernel modules to get them to compile on my Fedora install.

I had often heard good things about VirtualBox so I thought I'd give it a shot.

First I had to decide between the two editions -- the free (for personal use / evaluation), but closed source standard edition and the open source edition (OSE).  I decided to install the non-open-source edition as I have need of some USB devices.

The rpmfusion rpm repository provides yum access to the OSE version of VirtualBox; but to install the standard version via yum, one must install the virtualbox.repo available straight from Sun Oracle.  I followed the instructions on this page

...and it worked fine.

I do have a VMWare machine that I've used for a while that I didn't want to abandon.  Fortunately, it was trivially easy to import this into VirtualBox.  See this page (solution 2):

The one Winders VM I had was a little more troublesome.  As discussed here, the VM hung on the loading of the agp440.sys.  I ended up just mounting the disk image using a Linux VM and renaming the driver.  The VM then boot into safe mode.



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