Using firefox spell check in ckeditor, fckeditor

I'm always having to look this up on, so I thought I'd just put it here once and for all.

(FWIW, you can read about it here: among other places.)

To enable the firefox spell check when using the fckeditor module, add these lines to the file .../sites/<site name>/modules/contrib/fckeditor/fckeditor.config.js (path assumes you built the site and checked out the module with the script, part of my Drupal Script Library):

FCKConfig.FirefoxSpellChecker = true ;
FCKConfig.BrowserContextMenu = true ;

I always add it to the very bottom of the file so as not to confuse the update process as this is a diff to a file under git control.

For the ckeditor module, it's much the same. Add these lines to the file .../sites/<site name>/modules/contrib/ckeditor/ckeditor.config.js:

config.disableNativeSpellChecker = false;
config.browserContextMenuOnCtrl = true;

 With CKEditor, you have to use the control key with the right-mouse-button to bring up FireFox's context menu (with alternate spelling choices) as the CKEditor itself has a right click context menu.


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The '' script, part of the Drupal Script Library, will now make the configuration changes necessary to support the built-in spell checker automatically as part of its installation of the external library.  (The functionality can be disabled via command line switch.)