Photo Gallery in Drupal

When I started this blog post I was in the planning phases for a gallery in Drupal.  I currently have a gallery2 gallery that I've maintained for several years.  I've been thinking for some time that I would like to replace this software for many reasons (which I'll cover in some future post.)  One of my initial thoughts is that I would replace the gallery with some custom software written in Drupal.  Below is some of the brainstorming requirements I created.

This is an unfinished list for an unfinished project.

Ultimately, I abandoned the concept of constructing a gallery in Drupal.  I do not currently have the time for such an effort (I have too many other projects at the moment).  Moreover, I didn't want to end up having to support and maintain some complex custom software by myself.

For whatever it's worth, I am now considering migrating my gallery to Piwigo.  If/when I get to this, I'll write a post on my experience.

Basic Design


Visibility of Albums

Visitors to http://site/ should not see any albums.

Need to hit http://site/<root album> to see the root album name

Sharing a single album by linking

Need to be able to give out a link to a specific album Getting a link to an album would prevent you from seeing parent albums.  Would a user going to just http://site/ be able to see all root albums and navigate from there?

If a sub-album was at http://site/<root album>/<sub-album> it would be simple to navigate up.

Creating albums by importing

This should work similar to existing Gallery2 system -- by loading pictures from local file system.
Would be nice to have drush extension so this could be executed from command line.

When importing images, the files should copied into the site file structure.

Content Types


Collection of images and other albums.
There will be a root album (or several root albums?) that will contain all other 1st level albums.


  • name
  • description
  • directory name
  • tagging taxonomy


A single photograph


  • name
  • description
  • file reference
  • fivestar
  • tagging taxonomy
  • photo/movie taxonomy

File System

The media should be maintained in a file system that mimics the structure of the gallery.

Album nodes should be reflected by directories. All 'Root' album nodes should fall under .../files/rootalbum.


Demo Sites / Ideas

Demo Gallery with images arrayed like spread cards



Media Gallery -
Uses -
media module demo:
modules that work with media:

Gallery Formatter -
Alas - works with CCK Image Fields

Views Gallerific -
Uses CCK Image fields to generate a JQuery based rotator-like gallery.
Has link to other slider modules comparison:

Galleria -
Has support for multiple nodes!

Node Gallery -
A gallery using nodes to get photos

Content Access -
Can use it to grant per-node access to image nodes

Video modules

Hierarchy Modules

To help support reordering Image nodes w/in a gallery or Album nodes w/in another Album.  I'm not sure if this is absolutely necessary.

Node Hierarchy -
Offers a node hierarchy seutp

Draggable Views -
Allows manual reordering of views - used on

Comparison of Hierarchy modules

File Handling Modules

File (field) Paths -
Allows clean handling of paths

File Aliases -
Get rid of "/sites/<sitename>/files/" for all file prefixes


Good Reading - Two videos - one on making a gallery w/ nodes.

Websites to publicize

Port Gallery module to D7

Converting from Gallery to Drupal and CCK

$200 bounty for converting from Gallery2 to Drupal and Image or CCK imagefield

Migrating Away from Gallery2 - Getting the Images

Integration with Gallery3

How To Create a Image Gallery in Drupal 7


Free Tag: