Drupal Script Library Presentation

At the CDMUG meeting on Thursday, April 29th, 2010, I gave a presentation on my Drupal Script Library.

The introduction for the event was:

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the latest script: drupalUpdate.sh

I recently added the script drupalUpdate.sh to my Drupal Script Library.  This script will update a site completely from the command line.  It calls drupalCVSDeploy.sh to update the site then calls the drush update command to update the database.

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Goodby drupalManageFCKEditor.sh, hello drupalManageLibraries.sh

Today I renamed the drupalManageFCKEditor.sh script to drupalManageLibraries.sh.

drupalManageFCKEditor.sh was a script I had written to help with the installation and maintenance of the FCKEditor library that is required to make the Drupal fckeditor module work.  It allowed downloading the latest version of the file and looking inside the installed directory for modifications to the original files.

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Using drush with the Drupal Script Library

UPDATE: See comments below for update to this post.

This is a discussion on how to integrate drush into a Drupal environment set up with my Drupal Scripts Library.

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Setting up a dev -> prod system in Drupal

Here I'll discuss the setup of a pair of Drupal websites, one a development ('dev') site and one a production ('prod'), and a system allowing the migration of state between them (promotion).  This discussion, and the procedures described assume the presence of my Drupal Script Library.


In many cases, especially those of high-visibility, high-importance sites, it is desirable to see how changes will affect a site before releasing the change to the public.  A new module, new content, or even updates need to be tested in a development environment before being effected on the production site.

Having a development environment on which changes can be staged allows assurance that a change doesn't have any negative effects as well as giving stake-holders an opportunity to sign off on the change before it goes live.

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supporting anonymous comments

Today, for a site I maintain, I did some work on how anonymous comment posts work.  The goal was to support anonymous commentst that would be published and to send an admin a notification email.  In addition to this, I did some setup so that anon comment posting would work w/ the the 'Filtered HTML' input format even tho 'Full HTML' was the sitewide default to support the use of the FCKEditor.  This was all done w/ contrib modules and configuration.

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Chicago Drupal Authority

I just helped to found a Drupal development company: Chicago Drupal Authority

Go check 'em out.



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Standard Drupal Installation

Update: All of this configuration is now available with my Drupal Template installations.

This is a list of the standard stuff I do when I initiate a new site.

Install drupal with drupalDeploy.sh

This sets everything else up for ease of future maintenance, etc.

Install standard contributed modules.

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An image gallery

I need to create an image gallery for the new Logan Square Walks website.  I surfed around and this page seemed like the easiest approach for what I wanted -- a simple non-nested gallery composed of images that used a neato javascript-powered viewer.

I followed all the steps:

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