Photo Gallery in Drupal

When I started this blog post I was in the planning phases for a gallery in Drupal.  I currently have a gallery2 gallery that I've maintained for several years.  I've been thinking for some time that I would like to replace this software for many reasons (which I'll cover in some future post.)  One of my initial thoughts is that I would replace the gallery with some custom software written in Drupal.  Below is some of the brainstorming requirements I created.

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Migrating Gallery to Dreamhost (migrate PostgreSQL -> MySQL)

One of the last things to migrate to Dream Host is my collection of Gallery2 installations.

The biggest issue is a database disparity. On whip (my old server) my gallery2 installs were done using the multisite installation scheme on a PostgreSQL database. DreamHost supports only MySQL and gallery doesn't have an import/export function. So, I had two options: reimport the albums into fresh gallery2 installs or migrate the installations along with the data. I didn't want to loose all that meta-data so I gave migration a shot. These notes are being typed after doing the process a 2nd time. Learn from my mistakes!

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