I needed to figure out how to tether my (Sprint) Centro to my laptop.  ("Tethering" being the cool way to say use the phone to provide network connectivity.)

After looking around, specifically at this page, I purchased the Mobile Stream USB Modem software.  (I use their Card Reader software already and it works great.)  I followed the directions on the ubuntu tutorials site and was able to get network connectivity right away.

Of course, I had to do a few more things (get name service set up, etc.)  Being the script compulsive person I am, I wrote the script below (also attached as file) to facilitate this system.  Now all I gotta' do is get connection sharing working and I'll be golden.

Before the script tho, some other links:
           June Fabrics 'PdaNet' software, according to reports on the 'net, works well; but is Winders only, so a no-go.
           A page on getting DUN working w/ bluetooth on the Mac.  Has some interesting words about getting a Vision password.  I found it wasn't necessary as did the person who wrote the Ubuntu tutorial.

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