Free Drupal Themes wrap-up

I'm writing this page mainly as a way to not have to type it all in any more.  I do/have-done a fair number of free websites for various groups and causes.  I've done some paid sites as well.  Often I find myself walking someone thru what a theme is and how I can bust them out a simple site quick if they choose to use a free theme.  The rest of this page is that discussion. 

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Creating favicon.ico with the GIMP

I liked this guy's answer a lot -- doesn't mess around w/ command line stuff and allows the creation of transparent favicons.

From: http://www.techanswerguy.com/2007/03/creating-transparent-faviconico-wit...

creating a transparent favicon.ico with Gimp
I'm always forgetting the steps to do this properly. Here you go:
1) open a favorite image that you'd like to turn into a favicon to appear in your browser's location bar
2) click Image->Mode->RGB
3) using the erase tool, erase any areas of the graphic that you'd like to be transparent

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.htaccess rewrite

Check this blog post about Apache mod_rewrite rules:


The post gives many rewrite rule examples that solve real-life problems.

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